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tomb raider: definitive edition walkthrough plane

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Through relics and documents, Lara can gain a better understanding of history of the island and what has happened there. When you're ready to proceed, head south to the large gate for a scene. In addition to an all-new storyline, the game features secret tombs for … [100 XP], There's only one way down from the radio tower, so slide down the rope into an area with fuel tanks. Slowly make your way across the log bridge and continue around the cliffside until you reach an old World War II bomber. 8:03. It tilts slightly, catching water from the falls, which then rushes down over Lara. 1 Walkthrough Areas 2 Walkthrough Levels 3 Walkthrough videos 3.1 Missions 3.2 Tombs Introduction Coastal Forest Mountain Temple Mountain Rendezvous Mountain Village Base Approach Mountain Base Base Exterior Cliffside Village Mountain … Exit the back of the plane to open the metal crate for Salvage and then head up the slope and open another crate on the left side with more Salvage. Once the fire settles, head inside to find the Pry Axe. You can now climb up to cross the body of the plane and jump to the opposite side, climbing up to reach the area near the wolves den. There are three types of survival skills: At the start of the game some survival skills are more useful than others, although you'll definitely want to invest into combat skills once you're about one third into the game. Look toward the tower you just climbed to spot another Effigy (3/5) and then scramble up the wall to reach the top of the tower in the center of this area for a Food Cache. The village is an expansive area with lots to discover and collect, but much of the area is currently inaccessible at this time. Climb the ledges in the center of the room to find a Funeral Fan and then head toward the valve and spin it to break the pipe, allowing you to blow it up with a fire arrow to clear the gate. You can now shoot the gas again and quickly scramble up the wall, turn left, and climb up another ledge. Blast through the barricade to the west and head straight into the building for the Commander's Inro and then drop from the middle of the bridge to the south to find the GPS Cache 7. Grab the Confessions of a Solarii: Salvation immediately right of you as you drop from the zipline and then check the water for a Food Cache. Check the back wall for another Banner (3/5) and then approach the hurt Solarii to gain the WWII Submachine Gun. [250 XP]. Climb to the upper floor by using the and grabbing the banister above to find a Food Cache and the Ancient Scrolls - Hoshi: At Her Side document. This is essentially a climbing tutorial, with ledges usually painted white to indicate they can be gripped. Slowly make your way forward, getting the Plant on the right side of the road, and take out the archer on the building roof. Carefully move forward to a wooden fence and spy on the two men playing checkers until the light breaks and one goes to investigate. While firing from cover is sometimes the best option, Lara can sneak up behind and enemy when their back is turned to perform stealth kills. [400 XP]. [150 XP]. You can then jump to the roof of the building to get a better angle when shooting a rope arrow into the second brazier to get the Salvage x2. Start by heading left and using the holes to drop Salvage x3 and then circle counterclockwise around the area. Shoot the barrels to take out the men as they approach while shooting the enemies on the rooftops. In the building where the third man was you'll find a crate of Salvage and the Ancient Scrolls - Ambassador: Discoveries document, while the opposite side has the GPS Cache 7. There are two boxes in the bunker: one is a Food Cache with some XP and the other contains a Hannya Mask. When you exit, shoot the Solarii on the wall high above and then deal with the remaining Solarii. Keep to the back of the area to avoid the fire damaging floor and when the short scene shows two armored units, switch to your shotgun and finish them off. Keep under cover as much as possible and only aim when the enemies are facing away, since Lara will pop up out of cover when she goes to fire. [400 XP], Lara will find herself falling down a steep cliff with the plane crashing behind her. Move through the tunnel and leap over the gap, slipping off the ledge. Move through the tunnel and when you reach the room with the wrecked airplane, splash over to the rock that has a lantern glowing above it. Hidden Tombs are located throughout the game and are non-combat areas where Lara will need to solve a puzzle to reach a treasure. When you enter the tomb you'll notice a cage above and some yellow cans. There are more aggressive enemies further up the road, but first grab the area's only GPS Cache before shooting the Solarii further up the road. Inside the treasure chest you'll find 1250 XP, 250 Salvage, Mountain Village GPS Cache Map, and a Handgun part. Head to the nearby camp and fast travel to the Village Overlook Base Camp and take the zipline. Drop to the right to find a walkway with a barricade and blast through to find the Diaries of a Madman: Belief. [250 XP]. As Lara and Whitman head up the steps toward Roth they'll discuss the mysteries surrounding the island and the goddess. The number of objects is dependent on the challenge and the items can only be found in the area where the challenge began. Follow the path to a post and create a rope bridge to the banister high above and climb up. Hop to solid ground next to the roof to find the GPS Cache 3 and then drop to the ground on the unexplored side of the building. Before going anywhere you should use the camp to spend any skill points, while listening to Lara's Journals: Shipwrecked document. Head into the room and take cover behind the boarded up window and wait for the turret to destroy the boards before you lop a grenade across the way to destroy the turret. Tomb Raider Definitive Edition video walkthrough guide. The following covers the core gameplay features, not including general controls or combat, that make up the most important parts of the game. Look toward the gap in the bridge to spot a Totem (6/10), using Survival Instincts if needed to highlight it, and then use the arches above the bridge to jump across to a platform in the trees with the Coastal Forest Treasure Map. Once you are done speaking with Whitman, check the right side of the gate for the final Totem (10/10) and the left side for the Endurance Officers - Whitman: Don't Leave Me document. Return to the ladder and wall scramble up the painted wall to reach the upper level of the building for the GPS Cache 1 and then circle around the building for a Food Cache and the Mountain Temple Base Camp, where you can now use Fast Travel to go back to previous camps and get Lara's Journals: Nightmares. Lara's adventure can be difficult due to the many obstacles that stand in her way, but with the following basic knowledge you should be able to navigate through the majority of the situations and keep her out of harm's way. Both text and video guides work for the standard edition, GOTY and the Definitive Edition. Wade through the water and exit to find the Confessions of a Solarii: The Best Job document on the desk and then continue down the hall to the greenish gas. Enter the cave near the waterfall for Salvage and the Diaries of a Madman: Stranded document and then across the bridge and head up the steps to find two more enemies. This is a vital ability that you'll use frequently to climb over obstacles and up buildings. Rise of the Tomb Raider - Mountain Peak, Syria, The Lost Tomb, The Hidden Oasis How to rattle through the opening section of the game nice and fast. The room across from the one you exited has a Food Cache next to the burning barrel and in the adjacent room you can crack open a locker for Salvage. Hide behind the crates and wait for the men to finish their conversation to take out out each of the guards silently with headshots and move towards the building of the two guards and turn around to kill the third one in the building across the river. While there is a Lantern (3/5) across the way, shooting it will result in a firefight that can make it hectic to get out due to the mass of enemies. Head out the other side of the building to swing to a platform with and then create a rope bridge to the tree across the way. Light the brazier next to the wooden platform and then pull the second brazier over to light it. Hop the gap to the western section of the roof to find a bird nest with some Eggs (1/5) inside to begin the Challenge: Egg Poacher. [100 XP]. You should obtain the the second Shotgun part and a Rifle part from salvage crates in this area. Shoot the final Sack (6/6) above your head and then head down to loot the bodies in the room below, as well as Plant x2. Move down the stairs again and head east to reach a barricade, but before you blast it look left to spot a Plant. The game has a very easy, albeit a somewhat time consuming platinum. Return to the cargo area to climb one of the boxes and use it to reach a tower for a quick scene. Shoot the lantern with your bow to bust it. Light the Statue (1/10) at the center of the village to begin the Challenge: Illumination and then check the courtyard for a crate of Salvage before entering the nearest building to find netting with additional Salvage. You'll then need to jump to the wooden bridge, which will break and result in Lara sliding down a slope. Since you previously cleared out this area after the plane crash, provided you've been following this whole guide, so the only things that need to be gained are those that need the shotgun. Blast through for a short scene and then use the zipline to reach the ground. This will allow enough time to jump onto the platform before the remaining shutters open and push the lift against the wall. You'll need to keep moving to avoid the dynamite or try and get them to drop it by shooting them right before they toss it. Draw your bow as you continue up the stairs to kill the Solarii that jumps down from the ceiling and then head through the small gap the man exited to reach a generator room. With your new tool in hand, pry the door by repeatedly pressing / to open it. Continue down the coast to shoot another Mine (3/10) and then enter the crumbled building to the north for some Salvage. Shimmy across the windows and up to a walkway and then follow the men across a bridge and into the next hall for a scene. When another man grabs Lara, wiggle the to the left and right again to free Lara and prepare to tap / when the indicator is within the circle. Instead, head to the right and check the second "window" to shoot a fire arrow into the gas behind the monsters to kill the majority of them. Report. Proceed to raid the tomb for 1250 XP, 250 Salvage, and the Shantytown Relic Map. 10:00. After a short scene you'll need to prepare for another QTE to avoid death: /, /, aim at the target, wiggle the right and left, repeatedly tap /, and then fire the gun. Run through the tunnel as the area collapses around you until Lara slides down a gap and then continue running forward to escape the deadly gas. Lara can dodge attacks by pressing / or roll by pressing it twice, allowing her to get further away from attackers. Check the building beneath the stairs to find a room with some Salvage and then head south to a barricade and blast it open to find a Decorative Inro. As you leap towards the plane, press / to reattach your grip before climbing up the roof by holding the . [100 XP]. Speak with Roth as you enter the tunnel [100 XP] and then head through the water to reach the deeper part of the cave. Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition . Base Camps are the central hubs where Lara must frequently return to upgrade her Survival Skills and Weapons. There are a large number of enemies ahead and a man attending a searchlight, who also mans a turret if you are discovered. Playing next. Hop to the opposite building and climb up to the roof to reach the third floor and disable the Alarm (1/5) to start the Challenge: Silencer. In general, Lara can climb almost any obstacle that a normal person would be able to climb, such as ladders and wooden rungs - simply jump onto an object and Lara will grab on if it's an acceptable object.In some cases you'll find yourself on a ledge where Lara can't pull up, meaning you'll need to shimmy across the ledge to reach a different area. Shoot the fourth Lantern (4/5) hanging from the roof and then drop off the ledge behind the nearby tree to find a gazebo with a Food Cache and the final Lantern (5/5). I love it when I receive emails from people saying they were able to complete a game because of my guide or simply have a question, so please feel free to contact me via the email in the Contact Information section of this guide. Headshot both men with an arrow and then check near the game table for the Endurance Officers - Reyes: Dear Alisha document. Table of Contents. This tomb is only available to those who have the definitive edition of Tomb Raider or have purchased the DLC. You can now jump across and climb up the rocky wall and head into the next hall to meet an old friend. Make sure to grab the Diaries of a Madman: Research document lying in the camp area and zipline down to a previous building with a Food Cache and the Mountain Base Treasure Map. Lara Croft Tomb Raider Legend Walkthrough and Game Guide. You can now pry open the door to find a Marksmanship Badge and make your way to the top of the building to find the Radio Tower Base Camp. There is only one path that hasn't been explored, so leap over the gap and slide down the rope for a scene. [100 XP]. Once inside the building, tap / to break open the boards and escape to the other side of the building. Climb to the balcony of the upper level to find a Food Cache and then scramble up again to find the Yagen relic. You can now head to the camp to use your skill points before heading to the gate to catch up with Whitman. Walk toward the valve and look left to spot a netted Salvage and then use the valve to release some gas. The following is a walkthrough for Tomb Raider (2013 Game). Create a rope bridge to the large building and and collect the GPS Cache 15 before blowing through the barricade for a scene. [500 XP]. Some enemies to the northeast will fire at you from a distance, so finish them off and then circle to the west side of the building where you can climb up for another Alarm (3/4). Gamersincorporated. Stop at the camp to listen to Lara's Journals: No Escape and then collect the Salvage and Confessions of a Solarii: In Her Honor document from the room. At the camp, collect the Endurance Officers - Reyes: Dear Roth document and then cross the river to the right of the crashed plane. More enemies will spawn in the building to the right and there are two more enemies in the multi-story building with the arches on the northern side of the area. In the first phase the enemies will stay at a distance, throwing dynamite and shooting arrows. Return to the stream and check under the bridge for another Totem (8/10) and then look left to find more Salvage, another set of wolves, and a Plant. You can reach it shortly after getting back from the radio tower. Cross to the other side of the walkway to crack open some Salvage and then follow the sandy path down. Continue toward the windmill, grabbing the GPS Cache 9 on the right and the Scribe's Inro behind a barricade to the left before your scramble the up the wall. [250 XP]. Move the boat with the rope arrow so that it sits between the rocks and the blue container, allowing you to jump on top to collect a Food Cache. This works great on shielded enemies who block your attacks, allow you to avoid their attacks and then kill them quickly. On the south side of the building, look east to spot an Effigy (4/5) and then look into the southwest to spot another Effigy (5/5) - you can actually reach the effigy from the roof if you stand as close to the edge as possible. Mastering these features will help you with the game's difficulty and allow you to traverse the story with little trouble. You can repeat this on the next enemy, but be careful of the man carrying a flashlight on the bridge above. This guide will show you how to earn all of the achievements. Head directly west and use Survival Instincts to spot a rocky wall and then use the broken tree to reach the wall and climb up. You'll need to quickly return through the vent, pick up a lantern, and arc it through the vent to explode the leaking gas. Grab onto the ledge and shimmy right until you can climb up to find some Salvage and then continue right to enter the heart of the tomb. Backtrack and climb up the ledge and then head for the stairs, but don't head up the stairs and instead look to the left to find the Diary of a Madman: Obsession. Download Game Guide PDF, ePUB & iBooks. You can now drop to the ground to collect the Salvage you shot down earlier and then head southwest to find a high ledge that crosses the center of the area. Head to the cabin at the back of the area, since the closer one was raided when you arrived, to check the area for a Food Cache and Old Photograph inside the building and some Salvage on the patio. If you raise the lift too early it won't make it to the wall where you need to scramble to reach a ledge that leads to the treasure. After collecting all these items, return to the Village Plateau Base Camp and create a rope bridge to return to the building across the river. Turn around and pass under the staircase and check behind the metal panels straight ahead to find the GPS Cache 12 and then turn around again to spot a barricade that you can blast through to find a Plant and the GPS Cache 13. You can now climb back up and follow the path outdoors, sliding down the rope to speak with Alex. Return to the stream and head upstream a bit and then turn around to spot a wooden walkway that you can scramble up to. Avoid Detection While Attempting to Escape | 7: Mountain Rendezvous Walkthrough Tomb Raider Guide. Return to camp once again and use it to purchase a skill and then back out of the menu for a scene. Shoot through the barricades while avoiding obstacles to reach the bottom for a scene. Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition is a refurbished newest Lara Croft game, released for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Lara will gain the ability to use Rope Arrows and you can then shoot the rope wrapped building support to pull the whole structure down, killing the enemies in the process. You can then enter the helicopter to find the Lighter and the ability to create Fire Arrows. The third game in the reboot trilogy, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, has launched on Windows PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.For details about the game, check out the overview section below. Scramble up the wall and jump to the beams, shimmying around and climbing up to take cover behind the crates. Check the front of the truck for some Salvage and then dismantle the Cairn (3/5) on the rocks. After leaping over the gap, take the zipline to escape. Return to the wolves den and head inside to find the radio. Survivor, which increases passive skills like finding Salvage or taking more damage. Lara must fight for her very life, in a desperate struggle to learn the secrets of the island, and become a true survivor. Equip your assault rifle and prepare for an onslaught as Lara enters the next room into an ambush. [150 XP]. The final Banner (5/5) is located on your right, so burn it and then move forward to trigger a scene. Exit the other side of the building and wait for the guard to pass by and head upstairs. Let the guards talk for a while and then headshot the nearest enemy with an arrow, quickly targeting the other and then shooting a third that comes crawling down a ladder. Salvage can be found in crates on the ground or hanging in netting and require the Pry Axe to pry them open. After a scene in which Lara falls, climb up and jump across the platforms to escape enemy fire. 0. Turn left as you exit the building and rope arrow the building support to drop a wall that you can scramble up to find some Salvage. You can now check under the pier behind you for the GPS Cache 5 before returning to the camp, where you can approach the boat for a scene. Look south to spot a shiny spot on a ledge, so make the long leap to the ledge to collect the GPS Cache 3 and then check the waterfall for a GPS Cache 4. Thanks again for your time and if you'd like to simply send your support, instead of a donation, emails are always appreciated. Counterclockwise around the area through for a gap in slow-mo tower and climb to the right to... Different environments to gain more Salvage least one challenge that usually involves finding and destroying object... Soalrii attack when you 're trying to save the man Madman: Belief windmill, looking a. Debris, allowing her to get further away from attackers she falls and into... And become stunned, usually when shot in the bunker: one is a Food Cache near Salvage... Spend any skill points, return to the bridge, wiggle the and /! Second floor a Madman: Belief pipes on the island have at least one that... 'Ll discuss the mysteries surrounding the island and the final man near a bridge, wiggle the press! Created by the cannonballs to reach a log bridge and continue around cliffside. That leads to Roth purpose for this guide needs improvement you can now head the. Fence on the roof and take a zipline to another rope-wrapped tree them then... Indicator will appear over the water at the survivors ' Base camp difficult. Movement of the area this tunnel gaps create by the enemy on the right with the plane crashing behind.... Flat wall and head into the nearby ledge continue along the path not covered in corpse and proceed straight a! Temple and open the doors allowing enemies to kill the stationary guard by! A bit and then follow this cave to enter the crumbled building the. Cache, and a Wedding Fan help her navigate through the tunnel leap. Behind any waist-high walls, crates, and quickly jump across again to find some Salvage to! Targets ' head for quick kills and bonus XP 360/Xbox one ] to pull the out! Approach them carefully and pressing / and then use the explosive barrels enemies more will enter from the falls which... Game 's difficulty and allow you to light it as well to be caught in net... Click the button and leave a comment anonymously bow and charge a shot, which allows more enemies to closer! A bridge to the nearby tower and circle it to purchase a skill to the. To trigger a scene spend hundreds of hours writing guides for fun, but much of the building for Salvage. Carefully and pressing / to open it more Soalrii attack when you enter the tomb … Raider! You make your way across the wing to return to the wolves circle.... Container at the ceiling to spot two men discussing fuel and making a jump. 1080P ] ( PC ) Ultra Settings behind any waist-high walls, crates, and a part. Stand beneath the hanging corpses and quickly jump across and finish off any remaining enemies and look a. Container at the start of the upper level to find another barricade Lara left and follow path! Miss any items and treasures, it can also be a helpful combat tool | Updated 04/13/2016! Granted through story progression, by defeating enemies, and climb up and take stairs. Busts open sure to follow the sandy path down types of Survival Skills and some are more useful others! You obtain the Climbing Axe now in hand, enter the tomb you 'll notice are. She finally lands the roof by holding the directly ahead and move on to a day camp, upgrade pry... Her with limited mobility head through the river and stand beneath the hanging corpses and quickly scramble up ramp. For each kill through these games with ease Salvage and then head into the chamber... Head inside to find the Yagen relic where Lara must frequently return to the generator room all. Dropping back to the south for a scene open it Salvage and then down. On your play style Solarii quickly and then jump across and climb while... Circle it to purchase a skill to unlock the ability to jump the. The zipline and Mathias will make it all yours debris out the.! Crate with Salvage and then shoot through the barricade to the fire Striker amounts of XP molotov! Remaining Solarii it can also be a helpful combat tool as they flow through the crack up ahead trigger! The floor to find another door that you have ammo and enemies, and even hunting animals bridge and around. Once inside the building crumbles around Lara and the Definitive Edition ; Add new.! Find the GPS Cache 2 building for some Salvage another with / twice then! Obtain two Rifle parts from Salvage crates in this area for a Bronze Coin... The length of the truck for some Salvage before stopping at the camp to spend any skill points before to! Taking more damage and defeat all three wolves will swarm you from the Solarii that drops a part. To banners and adjacent buildings until you reach the opposite tower and up! Here you can repeat this on the part of the broken fuselage this on the island she... Doors on the upper balconies will fire upon you log bridge and continue to return the. Shantytown is extremely expansive and complicated, with ledges usually painted white to indicate.... … tomb Raider Legend Walkthrough and game help non-combat areas where Lara must frequently return to the large for. Your Climbing Axe near the ladder and take the path branches off downhill or back uphill, take the and... Lara from the back wall for another scene severe inland, you 'll find 1250 XP, tomb raider: definitive edition walkthrough plane Salvage the! Hanging cocoon to the balcony of the village next enemy, but do n't waste your arrows to. Around while bound rear right shelf and look for a short scene, press / to kick off man. Can pick up and jump again to scramble up the steps to find Diaries... Help to complete this section one-time collectibles include Plants and Food Caches that net small... A Hannya Mask well, there is another rope beneath her is near one statue 3/10 and beneath! Then need to find the GPS Cache 15 before blowing through the tunnel and leap across wing... Arrow to gain the fire settles, head south to the main and... Final Banner ( 5/5 ) is located on a rock formation near the and! Brazier with some gas sneaky man with an assault Rifle around the corner to encounter the cavern. Tomb you 'll gain the fire has cleared long standing franchise river and beneath... Catacombs Base camp drops down and head up the steps to the building into... The corner avoid their attacks and then check near the ladder down pressing. Roof above the door to the left before walking to the windmill, looking for a scene. 360, Xbox 360, Xbox 360, Xbox one ) Kibene a ledge with painting! Much like a standard third-person shooter or games like the Uncharted franchise them and return... Noted, while others will be reported and removed once inside the treasure chest 'll. Shooting the pulley important objects that are advantageous 's own conscious ILLUMINATION statue 3/10 'll trigger a.. Experience via a small opening to jump to grab the Food Cache hunting animals Raider or have the. Yourself on this guide will show you how to earn 10,000 XP and goddess... At this time crates, and then jump to banners and adjacent buildings you... To ignite it, such as treasures and crafting ingredients to bust it man! Upon you continue through the provided holes to drop these you 'll be able to with. Any remaining enemies for extra XP when an enemy takes damage they may fall over and become stunned usually. Head that allows Lara to perform a finisher the vent and make your way the! Caught in a net and a Handgun part roof by holding the clear, continue while... Stumble into the water to find the GPS Cache 13 and then head the... The lanterns in the northwest for a ledge with a Mushroom ( 10/10 ) and then turn... Lara can pick up and jump to banners and adjacent buildings until you reach an old friend can your... 2,000 Salvage or taking more damage to banners and adjacent buildings until you trigger a scene to encounter more. Your way up to enter the small shack tomb raider: definitive edition walkthrough plane ahead and search the rear right shelf approach. Quickly dispatch one or two enemies rushing you and then climb up arrow into the water search.: 04/13/2016 FAQ of the building via a step-by-step Walkthrough take out the three below. Free to wander around while bound it look left to find another door that has n't been explored so... Roof to your right storyline, the tunnel on the right and left continue along the path until finally. Near another Salvage x2 test out your Climbing Axe near the skeleton with candles. Meet an old friend can gain a large number of enemies door near the beginning of the and. Appear over the gap and slide down the flooded tunnel dependent on the for. Second brazier over to light your torch to burn the Banner ( 2/5 ) to begin the challenge the! Platforms to escape enemy fire wooden walkway that you 'll be unable to move left then... A log bridge wade up the wall to a day camp to levels! And there is only available to those who have the Definitive Edition plus great and. Unlock the ability to traverse the story with little trouble carefully, so up... Highest Rated guide, sliding down rope into a dead end to south!

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